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HONEST-PREPS Transition to Ecraid

Patient enrollment in HONEST-PREPS will end in May 2022. However, this isn’t the end for the sites taking part in the study. Well-performing HONEST-PREPS sites will have the opportunity to transition to ECRAID-Base’s POS-VAP-ICU (Perpetual Observational Study into Ventilator Associated Pneumonia) with the prospect of joining future Randomized Controlled Trials.

The aim of POS-VAP-ICU will be to activate 40 ICU sites in 15 European countries and enrol 20.000 patients in 4 years. Well-performing and actively-recruiting HONEST-PREPS sites will continue recruiting patients until May 2022. If they meet the qualification criteria, they can choose to transfer to the ECRAID-Base POS-ICU-VAP study after. The preliminary qualification criteria is defined as following:

  • Reaching agreed inclusion targets;
  • Completing eCRF in a timely manner ensuring there is no data backlog;
  • High data quality without any eCRF discrepancies or protocol violations;
  • Timely reply to queries.

Sites that were delayed due to COVID-19 pandemic will be able to start up in HONEST-PREPS by the end of October and to recruit patients until May 2022. Successful sites which were delayed also have the opportunity to qualify for POS-ICU-VAP after HONEST-PREPS study ends.

Both the HONEST-PREPS and POS-ICU-VAP teams are very excited to be working together in making this transition as smooth as possible as well as the future prospects this new collaboration will bring within Ecraid.


HONEST-PREPS will determine the incidence, microbiological etiology (including antibiotic resistance), management and outcome of hospital acquired and ventilator associated pneumonia (HAP/VAP) in the intensive care unit (ICU). The aim of HONEST-PREPS is to set up an infrastructure to prospectively enroll patients at risks of HAP/VAP in the ICU. Collected data will be used to inform future diagnostic, preventative and therapeutic trials. In addition to capturing HAP/VAP episodes in a timely manner.

The Future is Ecraid

ECRAID-Base is the unification of several networks into one central sustainable infrastructure. The networks built by COMBACTE and PREPARE will allow running clinical research faster, easier, and more cost-effective. Pooling forces, knowledge and expertise will help tackle the most urgent healthcare threats. At the heart of ECRAID-Base are six perpetual studies, amongst which POS-ICU-VAP. All will mature towards adaptive platform trials, with capability to rapidly respond to public health threats.

ECRAID-Base is the initial set of activities for Ecraid. Over the five year duration of ECRAID-Base, Ecraid will evolve into a self-sustainable not-for-profit organization, aiming to improve clinical research in the field of infectious diseases in Europe.


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