Current status: Completed

WP1 – Epidemiology

A large epidemiology study to quantify the burden of Clostridium difficile infections - in terms of incidence, distribution, recurrence, morbidity, mortality and transmission - across the whole healthcare economy.

Study objectives

Objective 1.1 – Address the CDI epidemiology knowledge gaps in Europe with regards to CDI incidence (collection and testing of residual diagnostic tissue to determine ‘missed’ CDI cases)

Objective 1.2 – Determine differences in C. difficile strain distribution (characterisation of strains)

Objective 1.3 – Determine rates of recurrence, morbidity and mortality according to CDI patterns/burdens/settings (collection of participant data regarding outcomes of CDI (case/control study))

Objective 1.4 – Identify high-risk groups for CDI, recurrence and negative outcomes (collection of participant data regarding risk factors for CDI (case/control study))

Objective 1.5 – Develop a novel way to map the relationship of CDI within the healthcare economy (transmission model constructed from datasets collected in objectives 1.1-1.4)

Schematic representation of study design (WP1 &WP2)

A synergistic approach will enable completion of all the objectives from WP1 and WP2, with data created from a single, large complex study flowing into other objectives for further results analysis. Boxes in blue denote objectives in WP1, and those in orange denote for objectives in WP2. Due to the inter-related nature of the objectives within both WP1 and WP2, the flow of work has been planned to ensure maximum outputs within the timeframe of the grant. The directions of the arrows indicates data flow and, therefore, also the timing of activities. This ambitious comprehensive project design takes influence from several existing, separate studies; the scope of producing all of these data from one, well-designed and far-reaching study is novel and innovative.

CDI Epidemiology - WP1

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