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Combatting antimicrobial resistance
COMBACTE battles antimicrobial resistance by speeding up the development of new antibiotics. There are 4 main projects, each focussed on a specific domain.

COMBACTE-NET is building strong clinical, laboratory and research networks. Enabling more efficient testing of novel antimicrobial drugs. And performing trials.

COMBACTE-CARE is dedicated to meet the challenge of carbapenem-resistant bacteria. Laying the groundwork for tests of new and more effective treatments.

COMBACTE-MAGNET focuses on critically ill patients in intensive-care units. And on the Gram-negative bacteria that cause most ICU-associated infections.

COMBACTE-CDI’s primary goal is to develop a detailed understanding of the epidemiology and clinical impact of Clostridium difficile infection across Europe.


The backbone of all COMBACTE-projects consists of four specialised European networks:
• CLIN-Net maintains an up-to-date portfolio of clinical trial sites.
• LAB-Net maintains an extensive network of microbiology laboratories.
• In STAT-Net statistical experts join forces to optimize trial design.
• EPI-Net connects and harmonizes various systems of disease surveillance.