COMBACTE-NET: Networks to improve clinical trials for antibacterials

COMBACTE-NET (Combatting bacterial resistance in Europe – networks) is dedicated to building strong clinical, laboratory and research networks across Europe. In doing so, the consortium enables more efficient clinical testing of novel antimicrobial drugs. In addition, it performs several of those clinical trials as well.


  • provide a large network for rapid evaluation of novel treatment strategies;
  • generate innovative trial designs to facilitate the registration of novel antibacterial agents;
  • design and validate tests to support the diagnosis of patients, identify the most appropriate treatments, and monitor the patient’s response.

Pan-European networks

One of the key outcomes of COMBACTE-NET is a high-quality European clinical trial and laboratory network in which new antibacterial drugs can be evaluated for the treatment and prevention of infections caused by multi-resistant bacteria. Over 650 laboratories and over 850 clinical trial sites all over Europe are already interconnected. These networks will enable the collection of data required for accurately identifying clinical needs and coming up with ideas for developing effective new antibacterial treatment options. An important aspect of the networks is that they will form the backbone for all clinical studies within the wider ND4BB program.

  • CLIN-Net is a network of clinics and hospitals offering access to fast numbers of patients and with the capability to perform high-quality clinical trials.
  • LAB-Net is a network of microbiology laboratories delivering high-quality and standardized information on microbial strains and antibiotic resistance.
  • STAT-Net is a network of academic and industry experts on clinical trial design working to optimize the design of Phase II and Phase III clinical trials.

Clinical trials

The COMBACTE-NET consortium will top off the construction of this clinical trial backbone by carrying out several clinical trials of candidate drugs.

  • Suvratoxumab (formerly MEDI4893) is a monoclonal antibody from MedImmune, the global biologics research and development arm of AstraZeneca, that could protect mechanically ventilated patients against infections with Staphylococcus aureus, preventing bacterial toxins from damaging their organs and tissues;
  • Da Volterra’s DAV132 is a promising new therapeutic agent for the prevention of serious Clostridium difficile infections. In the ANTICIPATE study, it is tested for safety and pharmacokinetics. In essence, it adsorbs small molecules such as antibiotics, preventing bacteria present in the gut from harming the patient;

Management Board Members COMBACTE-NET

COMBACTE-NET: Networks to improve clinical trials for antibacterials 2

From left to right: Dr. Bruno François (CHU Limoges), Prof. Dr. Marc Bonten (UMCU), Dr. Venanzio Vella (GSK), Dr. Hasan Jafri (AstraZeneca), Prof. Dr. Stephan Harbarth (HU Genève), Prof. Dr. Herman Goossens (UAntwerpen), Peter Hermans (Janssen)

Project Management Office COMBACTE-NET

5th COMBACTE General Assembly Held in Athens 66

From left to right: Claire-Marie Martis (UMC Utrecht), Dr. Ram Venkatachalam (UMC Utrecht), Marie-Noëlle Bouverne (Da Volterra), Dr. Drieke Vandamme (CHU Limoges), Dr. Ron de Winter (UMC Utrecht), Elodie Pfender (CHU Limoges), Kristin Kopasz (AstraZeneca), Terramika Bellamy (AstraZeneca)