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Join our clinical research network

Please note that COMBACTE is no longer taking networking registrations. Since our clinical network is now being sustained in Ecraid, you can register on the Ecraid website.

Would you and your institute like to participate in clinical trials by joining our network? Please do!

What’s in it for you and your institution

  • Contributing to the epic battle against antibiotic resistant bacteria
  • Being part of the largest European network of clinical trial sites
  • Working on challenging and complex high-quality studies
  • Joining a unique innovative private-public partnership and collaborating with leading experts in the field of antimicrobial resistance

What you will be contributing to

COMBACTE is developing a wide-ranging European network of clinical investigation sites. Fully capable in every light and adopting good clinical practice (GCP) at all times. The objective is to execute clinical trials enabling the registration of new agents for the treatment of patients with resistant bacterial infections. This should ultimately result in the development of novel treatments.