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2 days
Podgorica, Montenegro

COMBACTE Face-to-Face GCP Training for Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia & Montenegro

This event has already taken place

This GCP training is a great practical way to refresh your knowledge about GCP, and getting a chance to learn more about the clinical trials performed within COMBACTE’s clinical and laboratory network.

Fifteen clinical trials are conducted within COMBACTE, in collaboration with partners such as Pfizer, AstraZeneca, GSK, Janssen, Da Volterra or bioMérieux. Half of our studies are interventional, as well as Phase II and III studies, database analyses, and mathematical models studies. During the training you will be networking with our experts, and other fellow investigators from your area, sharing knowledge and experience with each other. Feel free to share the invitation with your network.

Course information

The training will be held 26-27 June in Podgorica, Montenegro. On the first evening a networking dinner is organized.

The following expenses will be covered by COMBACTE:

  • Two nights of accommodation
  • All training activities
  • Food and beverages during training
  • Networking dinner event
  • Travel expenses (reimbursed after the training)

You can now register for the training and networking event via this link.

What you will learn

The training offers practical guidance to optimize the often-so-difficult recruitment of patients to support the performance of investigators in clinical trials. The 2-day face-to-face training consists of plenary sessions and interactive discussions with the audience on current essential regulations.

Clinical and laboratory investigators will learn about trial setup, implementing protocols, and handle trial responsibilities. Also, they get a basic practical understanding of which processes and resources need to be implemented, how they can structure their own work and which training their team members need, by practicing with real life trial situations. Essentially, a GCP training teaches investigators how to effectively, correctly and reliably justify clinical research.

You can find the agenda of the meeting via this link.

Course trainers

Representatives from COMBACTE’s clinical (CLIN-Net) and laboratory (LAB-Net) networks, in collaboration with the European Forum for Good Clinical Practice (EFGCP) will be giving the course.

EFGCP founding member and Chairman of the Board Dr. Ingrid Klingmann, project officer Jelle Lyskawa (COMBACTE CLIN-Net, UMC Utrecht), and clinical microbiologist Dr. Annemarie van ‘t Veen (LAB-Net, UMC Utrecht) will be giving the course.

GCP Certificate

After successful completion of the course, a GCP accredited certificate will be provided which is required to participate in clinical trials.


The registration for the COMBACTE GCP training and networking event can be done via this link. Registration is able untill Wednesday June 19th.

In case of any questions related to this GCP training, feel free to contact Jelle LyskawaKarin van Beek.


COMBACTE (Combatting Antimicrobial Resistance in Europe) is COMBACTE is a key project of the European Commissions’ New Drugs For Bad Bugs (ND4BB) programme, which together with the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) is part of the collaborative R&D efforts to tackle antimicrobial resistance.

With 57 academic and 10 EFPIA partners, COMBACTE aims to enable more rapid and efficient development and commercialization of much-needed new antibacterial treatments and diagnostic tests. Until now COMBACTE contributed to 23 clinical trials in which more than 17.500 patients have been enrolled.

Besides clinical trial operational activities, COMBACTE organizes tailor-made and practice-relevant training events.

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