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Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Guarantees High Standard

COMBACTE maintains a European network for conducting high-quality clinical research. Appropriate training is a prerequisite for study participation. To this end, COMBACTE provides participating physicians with the opportunity to receive training in Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and additional training if required.

Clinical sites are certified based on training levels of physicians and performance in clinical studies. Regulatory requirements are similar in all countries. However, not all sites are equally experienced in performing clinical trials related to antibiotic resistance.

Online or face-to-face courses

The courses are provided through the European Forum for GCP, a not-for-profit organization funded through the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) and FP7. It is specialized in delivering tailor-made, practice-relevant training activities in EU countries. When a course is successfully completed, participants receive a certificate that demonstrates they operate according to the latest international ethical and scientific guidelines and standards.

There is an online training course free of charge. In the event there is enough interest within a country, we can organize a face-to-face training course too.

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