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COMBACTE Launches Clinical Trial Management System

COMBACTE is very proud to announce the launch of their Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) on 1st May 2019. The CTMS ‘Clinical Conductor’ is a mature software tool developed and maintained by Bio-Optronics.

COMBACTE’s CLIN-Net based at UMC Utrecht in The Netherlands aims to develop and maintain a European network of fully capable clinical investigation sites, with ample expertise and experience in designing and executing diagnostic, preventive and therapeutic clinical trials in the field of infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance.

The CTMS offers a professional tool for COMBACTE’s CLIN-Net team to optimize management of trials. Monitor Visit Reports are written, reviewed and approved electronically, site information is captured and updated centrally and viewable for the entire global study team. CTMS will be used within the study teams, where the COMBACTE partners will perform tasks within the system as well.

The new system will play a very important role in the execution of good clinical research and deliver more professional work. COMBACTE is continuously improving their way of working to execute studies even better than before. With the implementation of this system, COMBACTE has made a big step forward in becoming a true partner in clinical trials.

The CTMS allows project managers to optimize the network on several clinical trial site management processes currently managed in Excel and hence more efficiently manage the current and future COMBACTE trials. All study and KPI data will reside in one database and can be used to create high quality reports providing better insights in study and site performance.

Bio-Optronics is a leading healthcare information technology company, focusing specifically on workflow optimization. Their mission is to develop and deploy software products and services to help healthcare professionals enhance quality, productivity, patient and staff satisfaction. Founded in 1985 in Rochester (United States of America), Bio-Optronics has created unique and innovative software solutions that not only meet industry needs, but also set the standard for innovative healthcare solutions.

‘Clinical Conductor’ is a web-based application, hosted in Germany, complying to the strict German and GDPR regulations. The tool is continuously being improved by releasing new or updated functionalities up to 4 times per year. An account manager, based in Switzerland, is available at all times to provide support and answer questions.

Each user receives their own personal login ID and password, in order for the application to log all actions performed on a user level. All applicable COMBACTE team members have received their personal logins and have started working in this new tool.


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