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“COMBACTE is a Part of ECCMID”

In 2013, COMBACTE participated at ECCMID for the first time in Berlin. COMBACTE, which is the result of  the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI), New Drugs 4 Bad Bugs program to boost the development of novel treatments, had just begun. Fast-forward six years later, COMBACTE can proudly look back and reflect on its growth and success. Especially within the ECCMID.

ESCMID President Prof. Dr. Jesús Rodríguez Baño talks about COMBACTE’s progress at ECCMID, up to its 7th time at the congress.

The participation of COMBACTE at ECCMID has been fantastic and has evolved a lot through the years. Next to having a booth in the exhibition hall, COMBACTE has also been organizing the Networking Event with an ever-increasing number of attendees.

I would say that COMBACTE is now a part of ECCMID. For the first time this year we have sessions called Open Forums. These are not purely scientific, but they’re also related to organizational matters, policy matters, research matters. There will be one for consortia in research in infectious diseases, and COMBACTE is one of them. We are very happy about that.

The Open Forum, ‘Networks for clinical research: no other way’ will be taking place on 16th of April starting 12:15 in Arena 4. Scientific Coordinator of COMBACTE, Prof. Dr. Marc Bonten will be speaking about the future of COMBACTE as a self-sustainable clinical trial network.

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