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ICPIC 2019 Geneva

The 5th International Conference on Prevention & Infection Control (ICPIC), has officially started today, 10 September 2019, celebrating the 10 year anniversary of ICPIC.

The conference offers a unique forum for participants to exchange knowledge and experience in the prevention of healthcare-associated infections and control of antimicrobial resistance around the world. Topics during the conference will cover among others antimicrobial resistance, catheter-related bloodstream infection, quality of patient care, advanced methods in hospital epidemiology research and early results of major clinical trials in the field.

For years experts that are also involved in the COMBACTE project are part of important ICPIC committees as organizers, support team, scientific advisory board, or abstract reviewers. Prof. Dr. Stephan Harbarth and Prof. Dr. Andreas Voss are part of the organisational committee, scientific advisory board and abstract reviewers of ICPIC. Prof. Dr. Harbarth is a management board member of COMBACTE-NET, and academic lead of COMBACTE-NET’s STAT-Net. Prof. Dr. Voss is one of scientific collaborators within COMBACTE.

Prof. Dr. Evelina Tacconelli – COMBACTE-MAGNET‘s EPI-Net academic lead is part of the scientific advisory board and abstract committee. In addition, the boards also consists of Dr. Philippe Eggiman – one of the academic collaborators in COMBACTE-MAGNET’s EVADE study, and Dr. Maaike van Mourik, scientific collaborator in all COMBACTE’s consortia. Amongst the abstract reviewers is COMBACTE’s own scientific coordinator Prof. Dr. Marc Bonten. Dr Yehuda Carmeli, academic partner of COMBACTE-CARE, Prof. Dr. Jan Kluytmans – academic lead of COMBACTE-NET’s ASPIRE-ICU and ASPIRE-SSI, and Prof. Maja Rupnik – scientific partner in COMBACTE-CDI, are abstract reviewers for ICPIC.

One ex-COMBACTE colleague who has issued many scientific papers for COMBACTE, Dr. Esther Bettiol is in the local support team of the conference. In the COMBACTE Publication Library you can find the papers she co-authored. Dr. Bettiol was a member of the STAT-Net team.

Among the invited speakers: Dr. Yehuda Carmeli, Prof. Dr. Surbhi Malhotra-Kumar (part of COMBACTE-NET’s LAB-Net and academic lead of COMBACTE-MAGNET’s WP3A), Dr. Maja Rupnik, Dr. Andreas Voss, and Prof. Dr. Martin Wolkewitz (part of STAT-Net and academic lead of COMBACTE-MAGNET’s WP3B. In addition, read his Personal Story about his work).

Consult the conference programme for more information.


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