Nosopharm recently announced the financing of €2.4 million as a result of new parties joining the company’s shareholders. This will help Nosopharm develop their antibiotic molecule in their pipeline faster.

The antibiotic molecule, by its name NOSO-95179, is a molecule that also targets carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae infections.

The president of Nosopharm, Philippe Villain-Guillot, stated that the company will now be able to accomplish the preclinical program for their antibiotic molecule, and further develop research and development programs for new drugs.

Auriga Partners, Kreaxi and Alto Invest are Nosopharm’s latest shareholders are confident that the new collaboration will benefit the development of the new drug, and thus help the world in tacking antimicrobial resistance.


‘NOSO-95179 is the most advanced molecule in Nosopharm’s pipeline. It was discovered consecutively to the lead optimization of NOSO-95, the first molecule in the new class of Odilorhabdin antibiotics. Its discovery stems from a bacterium of the Xenorhabdus genus. NOSO-95179 inhibits bacterial translation with a new mode of action. Its target indication is the treatment of polymyxin and carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE) infections. NOSO-95179 shows clear in vitro antibacterial activity against multidrug-resistant clinical isolates (e.g., NDM-1, MCR-1), along with in vivo efficacy in different murine infection models and good tolerability. No cross-resistance with currently used antibiotics was observed. This underpins its significant potential in treating nosocomial infections that seriously endanger patients’ lives. NOSO-95179 is currently in preclinical development., president of Nosopharm.’

Source: Nosopharm

Read the whole press release here.