Privacy Policy CLIN-Net Hospital Network

COMBACTE is dedicated to build a strong clinical trial network of investigating sites across Europe prepared for performing high-quality clinical studies with new antimicrobials against multidrug-resistant bacteria e.g. the CLIN-Net hospital network. This privacy policy describes our practices on how we process (e.g. collect, store and use) your work-related contact and hospital information.

What personal data do we collect?

Work-related contact and hospital details are collected and registered in the CLIN-Net hospital network management system. We may process the following information: contact information, hospital details, trial experience, medical specialty, training etc.

For what purposes is this data collected?

The CLIN-Net hospital Network may use your work-related contact and hospital details to:

  • Evaluate the capability of your hospital to participate in studies
  • Invite you to participate in studies, training or events
  • Inform you about news, events and activities
  • Evaluate the need for capacity building and training
  • For publications and reports
  • Ask for your expert advice on the feasibility of studies

How will your data be protected?

The CLIN-Net hospital Network complies with its obligations under the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Data can be shared internally and with third parties working with or on behalf of the CLIN-Net hospital Network or contracted by the Network in accordance with the purpose(s) for which the data were originally collected.

How long do we keep your personal data?

We will only retain your data for as long as necessary to fulfil the purpose for which it was collected or to comply with legal or regulatory requirements.

Your rights over your information

  • You have the following rights with respect to your personal data:
  • To request a copy of your personal data
  • To request a correction of your personal data if it is found to be inaccurate or out of date  To request your personal data to be erased (note: this is limited when participating in clinical trials in order for the research to be reliable and accurate)
  • To request a restriction is placed on further processing of your data
  • To object to the processing of your personal data

In case of removal, your data (name and hospital name) will be added to a separate list, to prevent from contacting you in the future. The data on this list will be kept for 5 years. For more information about the CLIN-Net hospital Network, the processing of your personal data or if you have any other questions, please contact the CLIN-Net hospital Network project office at

Please note that we may periodically modify, add, remove or otherwise update this privacy policy.