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Patient and Public Involvement Toolkit and Practical Guide

COMBACTE-MAGNET’s WP6i Bristol-based team has been developing a toolkit to provide systematic and evidence-based guidance on how and when to involve the public in medicines development research, in particular antimicrobials: The Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) Toolkit.

  1. Practical Guide to doing PPI in antimicrobial medicines development research; and
  2. The main Toolkit, which describes the content of the Practical Guide in more detail.

The documents can be downloaded below.


Practical Recommendations for Implementation of Semi-Automated Healthcare-Associated Infection Surveillance in a Healthcare Facility


Attitudes and approaches to patient and public involvement across Europe: A systematic review

Abstract. The Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) is making great strides in promoting patient and public involvement (PPI) in health research acros...


Systematic Literature Review of the Burden and Outcomes of Infections Due to Multidrug-Resistant Organisms in Europe: The ABOUT-MDRO Project Protocol