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Current status: Ongoing


HOspital NEtwork STudy – Preparation for a Randomized Evaluation of anti-Pneumonia Strategies (HONEST-PREPS) is a prospective, observational, multicenter cohort study. The study population are the patients admitted to an intensive care unit (ICU) at risk for hospital acquired and ventilator associated pneumonia (HAP/VAP).

The aim of the HONEST-PREPS is to set up an infrastructure to prospectively enroll patients at risks of HAP/VAP in the ICU. Collected data will be used to inform future diagnostic, preventative and therapeutic trials. In addition to capturing HAP/VAP episodes in a timely manner, HONEST-PREPS will determine the incidence, microbiological etiology (including antibiotic resistance), management and outcome of HAP/VAP in the ICU.

Study status: Preparation phase (2019 May – March 2020), Trial period (March 2020 – ongoing)

Country level information:

  • Serbia: 3 sites recruiting, 1 site in start-up process
  • Czech Republic: 2 sites recruiting, 2 sites initiated and pending activation
  • Croatia: 1 site recruiting and 2 sites in start-up process
  • Romania: 1 site recruiting
  • Hungary: 1 site in start-up process
  • Latvia: 2 sites in start-up process
  • Albania: 1 site in start-up process

Planned study duration

HONEST-PREPS observational study is a preparation for a subsequent platform trial (HONEST-PLATFORM: HOspital NEtwork STudy – PLAtform Trial FOR antibacterial Molecules). The set-up of the infrastructure, training of clinical staff and laboratory staff, data collection and preparation for the HONEST-PLATFORM is expected to take 18-24 months.


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