Current status: Ongoing


Elaborate data analysis of P. aeruginosa among ICU patients. The WP3A study is an analysis of data obtained within ASPIRE-ICU. That was a prospective cohort study among intensive-care unit patients in Europe with health-care associated infections attributed to P. aeruginosa.

A greater understanding

WP3A systematically assesses the impact of host and pathogen-related factors on the incidence of ICU pneumonia in Europe. It is focused on infections caused by P. aeruginosa, but does not exclude other organisms. Another aim is to identify the patient subgroups that bear a disproportionate disease burden. This contributes to optimizing patient selection for clinical trials.

Study information

WP3A is a complementary study within ASPIRE-ICU, a prospective cohort study. As such, no new study subjects will be enrolled in WP3A. Instead, the prospectively collected ASPIRE-ICU patient data with linked specimens will be analyzed. Describing the distribution and determinants of P. aeruginosa infection in this population. The aim is to conduct a considerable body of biomarker research with these specimens. Gaining understanding of the natural history of P. aeruginosa pneumonia. Both from the patient and the pathogen perspective.


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