COMBACTE fights antibiotic resistant bacteria by uniting experts across Europe

Unprecedented research on antibiotic resistant bacteria

Antibiotic resistant bacteria kill 33,000 people in the EU every year. Developing new antibiotics is crucial, yet highly challenging in a scientific, regulatory and business sense. COMBACTE unites experts across Europe to boost the development of new treatments.


Academia and industry working shoulder to shoulder

The leaders in the field of antimicrobial resistance, from both public and private sectors, are working together as mutual experts. Fostering creative intelligence capable of addressing the challenges faced. Pioneering new ways of designing and implementing efficient clinical trials.

Private-public partnership

910 hospitals and 714 laboratories already collaborating in 43 European countries

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4 main projects

COMBACTE battles antimicrobial resistance by speeding up the development of new antibiotics. each project is focussed on a specific domain.


COMBACTE NET stands for strong clinical, laboratory and research networks. Enabling more efficient testing of novel antimicrobial drugs. And performing trials.

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COMBACTE-MAGNET focuses on critically ill patients in intensive-care units. And on the Gram-negative bacteria that cause most ICU-associated infections.

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COMBACTE-CARE is dedicated to meet the challenge of carbapenem-resistant bacteria. Laying the groundwork for tests of new and more effective treatments.

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COMBACTE-CDI's primary goal is to develop a detailed understanding of the epidemiology and clinical impact of Clostridium difficile infection across Europe

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Milestones in boosting the development of novel treatments

  • 2012
    Answering IMI’s open call

    Pharma industry and academics collaborate closely for the first time ever in COMBACTE-NET

  • 2013
    Creating a network

    CLIN-Net and LAB-Net start building a network of hospitals and laboratories across Europe

  • 2014
    Building the backbone

    The creation of a Network Management System and activation of the National Coordinators Network

  • 2015
    Performing trials

    The launching of COMBACTE-CARE and COMBACTE-MAGNET

  • 2016
    Expanding the network

    Increasing the number of participating clinical trial sites, and Da Volterra and The Medicines Company coming on board

  • 2019
    Finding new financial models for research

    Our network has to become self- sustaining, since IMI reduces financial support from 2019, with a total end in late 2021


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Unique private-public funding

Both the European Commission and the EFPIA contribute to the IMI program managing COMBACTE. This guarantees COMBACTE’s independence from commercial interests.

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