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COMBACTE – Meeting the Challenge of Clinical Development of Antibacterials

COMBACTE – Combatting Antimicrobial Resistance in Europe – is a clinical research project that battles antimicrobial resistance. In 2011, the European Commission called for unprecedented collaborative R&D efforts to provide patients with new antibiotics. As a result, the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) launched its New Drugs For Bad Bugs (ND4BB) program, of which COMBACTE is a key part.

The COMBACTE program brings together leaders in the field of antimicrobial resistance, from both public and private sectors. Specialists from universities, hospitals, laboratories and industry. Skilled in microbiology, epidemiology, drug development and clinical trial design. All truly collaborating as mutual experts, combining knowledge, sharing data, findings and insights.

The COMBACTE Projects

The COMBACTE-NET consortium is dedicated to building strong clinical, laboratory and research networks across Europe that will enable more efficient clinical testing of novel antibacterial drugs.

Several clinical trials are being conducted on the advanced understanding of S. aureus and P. aeruginosa infections in Europe in ICUs, as well as infections incurred in surgical site infections, and in mechanically ventilated adult subjects. It is also estimating the incidence of C. difficile infections in hospitalized patients.

The backbone for clinical studies

In addition to clinical trials, the networks in COMBACTE-NET (CLIN-Net, LAB-Net, STAT-Net) will enable the collection of data required for accurately identifying clinical needs and coming up with ideas for developing effective new antibacterial treatment options. Most importantly, these networks will form the backbone for all clinical studies within the wider ND4BB program.

Currently, COMBACTE is carrying out 19 trials under 4 projects and has 11 EFPIA & 55 academic partners.

COMBACTE-CARE is dedicated to meeting the challenge of carbapenem-resistant bacteria. Laying the groundwork for tests of new and more effective treatments. The COMBACTE-CARE trials focus on carbapenem-resistant Gram-negative bacterial infections; the safety study of aztreonam-avibactam (ATM-AVI) in patients with complicated intra-abdominal infections, and the efficacy and safety of ATM-AVI for the treatment of serious bacterial infections caused by Gram-negative bacteria.

COMBACTE-MAGNET focuses on critically ill patients in intensive-care units, and on the Gram-negative bacteria that cause most ICU-associated infections. COMBACTE-MAGNET also contains EPI-Net, a European network to harmonize and connect various European systems of disease surveillance by linking clinical, microbiologic, and public health data. EPI-Net also represents one of the pillars of COMBACTE, next to CLIN-Net, LAB-Net and STAT-Net.

The trials focus on testing the efficacy of a monoclonal antibody against P. aeruginosa, for the prevention of P. aeruginosa in ICU patients; the clinical management and treatment outcomes of hospitalized patients with cUTIs. Assessing the safety and efficacy of AIC499, potentially a new and potent member of the family of beta-lactam antibiotics for cUTIs and intra-abdominal infections.

COMBACTE-CDI’s primary goal is to develop a detailed understanding of the epidemiology and clinical impact of Clostridium difficile infection across Europe. The COMBACTE-CDI trials focus on quantifying the burden of C. difficile infections, and assess current practices regarding CDI diagnosis and treatment in Europe and their potential impacts including guidelines, testing, surveillance, treatments and costs.

Would you like to know more about COMBACTE and see how you can participate? Feel free to stop by our booth #37 during ECCMID, where you can meet the team and pick up brochures and the COMBACTE magazine.


COMBACTE has recently launched its 2nd edition of its magazine, which offers a unique cross-section of the COMBACTE projects, with interviews from Robert-Jan Smits, Director-General Research & Innovation European Commission, and Nathalie Moll, Director General EFPIA. Read it online here.

COMBACTE Networking Event

On Monday, 23rd of April, 19.30-22.00, COMBACTE is hosting a Networking Event for those interested to learn more about COMBACTE’s unique private-public partnership where academia and industry come together. During the event, the academic milestones and updates from the COMBACTE consortium will be presented. An invitation to the event can be picked up at the COMBACTE booth #37.

Influencers from the COMBACTE consortium be presenting. Dr. José Bravo-Ferrer, on behalf of ESCMID President Jesús Rodríguez Baño, from Hospital Universitario Virgen Macarena, Seville, will give an update on the EURECA study (European prospective cohort study on Enterobacteriaceae Showing resistance to carbapenems); EPI-Net academic lead Prof. Dr. Evelina Tacconelli will speak about the network of surveillance systems; COMBACTE-NET’s management board member Dr. Annie Ducher from Da Volterra will present the ANTICIPATE study (AssessmeNT of the Incidence of Clostridium difficile Infections in hospitalized Patients on Antibiotic TrEatment), which has just completed database lock.

The preliminary agenda can be found below.

COMBACTE- Meeting the Challenge of Clinical Development of Antibacterials