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COMBACTE is organizing its 6th COMBACTE Networking Event during ECCMID 2018, on Monday, the 23rd of April from 19:30-22:00. A lot of exciting things are happening within COMBACTE and we are looking forward to update you in person!

During this open session COMBACTE investigators, partners, and all those interested are welcome to partake in an evening of networking while being updated on the COMBACTE projects. Last year, our Networking Event gathered infectious diseases and microbiology specialists from 25 countries. We hope to see an equally successful outcome this year again.

The preliminary agenda can be found below.

COMBACTE started in 2013 and after almost five years many milestones have been reached. With the COMBACTE consortium now comprising of four different topics – with the addition of COMBACTE-CDI – study activities have grown exponentially. COMBACTE-NET, COMBACTE-MAGNET, and COMBACTE-CARE are well under way with studies such as ANTICIPATE and REJUVENATE completing patient recruitment in 2017, and ASPIRE-ICU and EURECA reaching the 1000-patient milestone.

About the COMBACTE Networking Event

Participation is free and on a first come (means register) first served basis, so please register on time.

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Once registered but unable to join, please inform us as soon as possible so we can cancel your registration and allow one of your other colleagues to join. Cancellations can be made up to one week prior to the event, by Monday 16th of April.

We look forward to seeing you there, if not sooner!

On behalf of Prof. Dr. Marc Bonten,  Dr. Bruno Francois,  Dr. Seamus O’Brien, Dr. Hasan Jafri,  Prof. Dr. Jesus Rodriguez-Bano, Prof. Dr. Alasdair MacGowan, Dr. Cuong Vuong, Prof. Dr. Herman Goossens, Dr. Annie Ducher, Dr. Michael Dudley, Prof. Dr. Marc Wilcox, Dr. Charles Knirsch, Dr. Andrew Nyborg

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